Sc-Rambo (VGO)  $  14.90

Scrambled eggs, melted cheese & smokey BBQ sauce in a toasted brioche bun

  add haloumi  +$3.00

  add facon   +$3.00



Bean Affleck (VG,GF) $17.90

Slow cooked tomato & chilli beans served with avocado, almond feta and toasted ciabatta

  add a fried egg +$2.50


Sean Corn-ery (VG)  $18.90

Our famous cornbread topped with a fresh avo, tomato, red onion & coriander salsa and almond feta

  add a poached egg  +$2.50  



The Big Lebowski (VG)  $18.90

Roasted veggies tossed with sautéed mushrooms, caramelised onion, avocado and relish served on toasted in-house made ciabatta


  add almond feta (VG) +$3.00



Kevin Facon (VG)  $13.90

Your favourite BLT style sandwich with homemade relish and aioli on a brioche bun


  add avo +$3.00



Francis Ford Granola (VGO) $13.90

Ambitious crunchy cashew and hazelnut granola with shredded coconut and dates




Cuba Gooding Jr. (VG)   $15.90

Our take on the toasted Cuban sandwhich. 

Veggie-bolognese mince, vegan swiss cheese, mustard, onions, aioli, pickle, and jalapeños


  add fried potatoes +$4.00



Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (VG)   $18.90

Bang Bang Chick-un Salad.

Crispy pan-fried chick-un, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, shredded cabbage & rocket topped with bang bang dressing, red chillies, peanuts & coriander.



Jack Nicholson (VG)   $14.90

Our trademark BBQ pulled pork (jackfruit) in a brioche burger bun topped with homemade slaw and lettuce


  add fried potatoes +$4.00


Beatrix Pot-sticker (VG) $15.90

Eight vegan pot sticker dumplings loaded with  veg and served with a soy & vinegar dipping sauce




Poached Egg  + $2.50    

Garlic Mushrooms  + $4.00

Avo  + $4.00    

Facon  + $4.00

Haloumi + $4.00

Almond Feta (VG) + $4.00    

Fried potatoes  + $4.00

Jalepeños  + $2.00



(VG)  Vegan

(VGO) Vegan Option Available

(GF)  Gluten Free

(GFO) Gluten Free Option Available


Our Kitchen uses a lot of nuts! 

Please let us know if you have any allergies